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rain in tokyo (By John Lilly)

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my heart breaks everytime.. why we can’t be together, ever??! why I have to be perfect when I’m not and it’s not my fault.

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Preikestolen by Florencio Barroso

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Charlotte White’s Musical Fight.

This was a BBC Radio 4 programme but we have created a video with it. Really amazing story of how Charlotte used assistive tech to create music.

She is highly critical of traditional ‘music therapy’ and hoping for more integration with mainstream music schools so that disabled people can use technology for music in education and exams. 


Irving Penn, from Flowers, 1973

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do you ever just

all the time

каждый раз

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Sometimes I feel terrible to think that I once was able to walk and run. But it was a long time ago. I want a life where someone love me as who I am now. Will I loved purely without any pity??!

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